5 Ways to Handle a Social Media Crisis

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In the digital age, information spreads very quickly like wildfire, making it essential for the brand to manage social media crises. Businesses need to handle all the unforeseen issues that might lead to a crisis in the future and affect the trust and loyalty of the followers. 

A social media crisis may be a small concern that goes viral, a customer complaint, or a public relations issue that affects your social media campaigns and their outcomes. Building resilience and establishing trust among followers requires handling social media crises effectively. Here we’ll explore five crucial strategies to help you navigate and mitigate a crisis on social media.

Social Media Monitoring

Active social media management monitors the mentions, messages, or comments about your brand to help identify any crisis. You can hire the social media management team to proactively monitor the crisis by integrating social media analytics and monitoring tools. 

You need to stay alerted and informed about the news and updates related to the concerning issues. Businesses can significantly mitigate and eradicate the impact of the crisis by catching the potential crisis in the initial stage and responding immediately,

Prompt Response to Crisis

Time is the most critical aspect of the social media crisis handling. Delaying the communication and instant response to the crisis may exacerbate the situation. Be vigilant and identify the issues as soon as they surface. 

Give assurance to your audience or individuals affected by the crisis to resolve the issue and promise to avoid the inconvenience in the future. If the investigation of the problem reveals a mistake on your part, outline the measures you need to take to resolve the issue, immediately apologize, and compensate the affected individuals if required.

Handle Conversation Privately

When facing a social media crisis, it is advisable to acknowledge the mistake publicly and commit to resolving it promptly. However, it is preferred to handle the situation privately with the affected individuals. Offline conversations allow the affected individuals to contact you outside the social media apps, and discuss their sensitive issues through a direct message or call to your support team. 

This approach allows you to address the issue more comprehensively and demonstrates a commitment to resolving problems rather than just managing public perception.

Craft a Comprehensive Plan to Handle the Crisis

Creating a comprehensive crisis communication plan will allow you to ensure everything is in its place. The crisis communication plan ensures that you identify the key spokesperson of your brand, craft clear protocols for conversation with the affected individuals, and define a clear step-wise process to deal with the crisis scenarios. 

Your crisis plan communicates the personnel involved in the crisis management process, what information needs to be shared, who will be involved, a timeline of the response, etc. Having a well-defined crisis plan in place allows informed decision-making, mitigation of risks, and a smooth process of crisis management.

Constantly Improve

Each event of social media crisis could be different and allow you to learn and improve your mechanism of handling such situations. Social media apps constantly change and adapt to new trends and restrictions. Brands need to comply with the emerging changes and update their social media monitoring and crisis communication to address the new possibilities. 

Social media analytics and insights help businesses update and refine their plan. Experiences will help brands learn and improve to address the future challenges that may arise in social media and prepare their team to respond effectively.


The social media crisis is a critical event that damages the reputation of the brand. Your need to incorporate a well-thought-out crisis communication plan to minimize the impact of such an event and utilize it opens the door to growth opportunities. 

A well-crafted social media strategy involves proactive monitoring of social media analytics and insights, crisis events (messages, comments, etc.), and crisis communication plans to respond to the crisis promptly. 

Developing a comprehensive plan allows the brand to promptly address the individuals affected and continuously improve the plan as demanded by the individual case. It builds trust and loyalty among the customers when you take the issues in private conversation and resolve them on a personal level.



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